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Acacia African print backpack - TrueFond
Adepa dress - TrueFond
Adepa dress
African Phoenix Gown - TrueFond
Azura sun dress with matching headwrap - TrueFond
Azura sun purse - TrueFond
Bokomah batik peplum gown - TrueFond
Feather kente gown - TrueFond
Fosuwa backpack - TrueFond
Gold nsubra backpack - TrueFond
Golden Ajua royal kente gown
Kente corset and accessories set - TrueFond
Monostrap kente gown - TrueFond
Multistrand Ankara necklace - TrueFond
Nzema batik gown - TrueFond
Papayeasa backpack - TrueFond
Pink kente gown - TrueFond
Pink kente gown
Pink papayeasa crop top - TrueFond
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Pink papayeasa crop top
$60.00 $74.00
Purple kente gown - TrueFond
Purple Nebula batik gown - TrueFond
Rakia crop top - TrueFond
Red kente gown - TrueFond
Red kente gown
Spiral print corset and accessories set - TrueFond
Strapless kente gown - TrueFond
Teal kente gown - TrueFond
Teal kente gown
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