The proposal


The Ghanaian traditional wedding ceremony begins long before the actual celebration; precisely when the couple agrees to wed.
This is usually without the fanfare of modern (sometimes public) proposals, although one can argue that this is more egalitarian than the man-taking-a-knee model. It is supposed to be an agreement of two hearts and minds. Although, many couples have recently adopted the Western style where the man proposes on one knee.
So you and your love have decided to get married. What's the next step?
After informing both sets of parents, the next step is the knocking.

The knocking...

Despite this step sounding like the title of a horror movie, it is as simple as a formal declaration from the man to the woman's family, about their plans to marry.


The brideprice...

At this point, inquiries are made of a brideprice list from woman's family. We should mention that a bride or two has taken liberties here and requested items far beyond the financial means of the man.
The items are purchased and presented to the bride's family to show the groom's appreciation for them having taken care of her up until that point.


Sample brideprice list

Wax print fabrics and lingerie for the bride.

A cash gift for the bride's family which goes to the family head along with a bottle of schnapps.

A token gift to the bride's brother(s).

The bride's favourite perfumes.

A luggage set for the bride.

Good old fashioned money for the bride because...why not?

In modern times

Several families who consider this exchange of bucks-for-bride to be demeaning, have opted to accept symbolic trinkets of no great monetary value instead or have forgone this step altogether.
Would your family accept a dowry on your behalf?
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Nailed it! 

When we started dating I remember telling my then boyfriend, "If you ever plan on proposing to me, please make sure my nails are done". Apparently, he wanted to propose two weeks before he actually did. You know why he stalled? Because those two weeks I wanted my real nails to “breathe”; so I had no acrylics on!

That Monday he asked that I get my nails done and I did. I sent him a pic and he loved them. We had a date that Saturday so Saturday morning he comes over while I’m getting ready. I walk out of the bathroom and he’s on his knee. It still didn’t register at that point. I was like “what’s wrong?” that’s when I saw the ring. I hopped around the room for a good two minutes, cried, hit him a couple of times and said "yes yes yesssss". He was shaking so bad when he put the ring on my finger lmao (too cute)....anyway, that moment was special, the big proposal in the end wasn’t necessary to me. That intimate moment? I wouldn’t have it any other way"


Quick list, quick fix 

How do people determine what goes into an engagement list? Culture? Family and friends? Experiences of older sibling? Not for me. When it was time for my knocking my father asked me to bring a list of items I wanted, easy right?? Nope! I had never been married before so I had no idea. I went on google pulled up and list and that was it."


With or without you...

"My then-boyfriend' had told his parents that he wanted to see mine about us getting married. So they agreed to just "go and visit" my parents.

We returned to my home that evening after being out all day and my sister tells us "Albert's parents were here today to do the knocking."

We were like "AH??"

His parents were supposed to just MEET my parents  and make their acquaintance but because we had dated for so long they just went ahead with the formalities without us."



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