This is no fashion nova fit. Let's start there. I will wear my hibiscus jumpsuit to RAGS. I've worn it on lunch dates, to seminars, on holiday and today I'm wearing it to find the perfect saloon mango.

Now, there is some debate about the etymology of this supposed species of mango. "Saloon" mango. That's not a thing. But this is Ghana. No one cares what something is called as long as it looks or tastes good.


When I first laid my eyes on the hibiscus fabric in the middle of makola market, I made a beeline for the enticing print. The pattern came in a variety of colors but the white background with red/black design was almost...minimalist?
I loved it. Very "say less, do more".
I asked the vendor what it was called and didn't bat an eyelash when she replied; "salad".
Somewhere between the printers and the retailers, wax print fabrics are christened by the various hands that handle them till eventually one name sticks. The name an online store names their specific rendition of the style may be very different from its street name.


We decided against naming the style 'salad'; choosing to channel an exotic flower versus a healthy side dish.
In the three years since we launched this style, the 'salad' fabric has been named and renamed several times. Each section of the bustling market calls it a different thing.
But whether 'salad', 'butterfly' or 'fan-fan', a rose by any other name would smell as sweet and presumably, so would a hibiscus.
I eventually found my perfect saloon mango and have already found my perfect, comfortable, versatile outfit, no matter what it's called.


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