The Red Vixen dress

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17th May 2020

Femininity and the power of a thigh-high slit.

In a country like Ghana, how you dress says absolutely everything. Not a little about something. Everything about EVERYTHING.

Why be one-dimensional?

Toeing the line between traditional and sexy in African print can be tricky, especially as Ghanaians like to attribute ONE personality trait to you based on your appearance. So what is a multi-faceted femme to do?
How do you look simple yet splendid?
Mature yet still playful?

Throw in a slit!

A little bit of leg makes any outfit look more sexy and adds something intangibly feminine to any style.

African aunties are on standby waiting to report live about your 'fit. They have no filter and are guaranteed to give you the business about an outfit they feel is inappropriate for an event. And if you like to shake things up honey, feel free and let the girls out. There is no shame in your game.

"African aunties and metal against magnet"

- @Nate_Myers_13

Everybody's favourite

But we do like to follow societal rules from time to time. TrueFond girls certainly have the range. Lately I wore my Red vixen dress to a birthday celebration for a friend. It attracted nothing less than a cloud of compliments from aunties and sisters alike. Pleasing all demographics without breaking a sweat. The slightly puffy sleeves were reminiscent of 1980's boubou fashion and the keyhole opening at the bust was like an alluring wink that did just enough, never too much.

And as for the slit? I was walking in my feminine spirit for sure, maybe taking too many steps to show off my good leg ( yes I have a good leg). That day I was truly every woman. This style makes the crowd happy. The dress version of Ghana jollof!


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